: Tempe, Arizona

: Photo challenge Day 18: mood

: Photo challenge Day 17: transcendence

: Photo challenge Day 16: flâneur

: Photo challenge Day 12: magic

: Photo challenge Day 11: sky

: Photo challenge Day 10: train

: Photo challenge Day 9: crispy

: Photo challenge Day 8: prevention

: Photo challenge Day 7: well-being

: Photo challenge Day 6: windy

: Photo challenge Day 5: serene

: Photo challenge Day 4: foliage

: Photo challenge Day 3: card

: Photo challenge Day 2: flowers

: Photo challenge Day 1: toy #mbApr

: Guineafowls (I find them so peaceful and elegant)

: Happy new year everyone. One of my new year’s resolutions is to blog more and microblog more too. So …

: Listening to Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing. One of the best guitar riffs in my opinion

: I feel like every time a new iOS update comes it is taking longer to update

: Spotted a hawk today

: Day 26 Photo challenge: beverage A gigantic hot chocolate

: Day 23 Photo challenge: A day in the life

: Day 22 Photo challenge: road

: Day 21 Photo challenge: fall

: Day 20 Photo challenge: disruption

: Day 19 Photo challenge: edge

: Day 18 Photo challenge: fabric

: Having a break from coffee ☕️ this week. It’s tough.

: Day 15 Photo challenge: red.

: Day 14 Photo challenge: statue. Yoda Statue and Indiana Jones Statue in San Alselmo, California

: Day 13 Photo challenge: glowing

: Day 12 Photo challenge: panic

: Day 11 Photo challenge: retrospect. This might be the original iPod touch running iOS 6. But I am …

: Day 10 Photo challenge: cycle

: Day 9 Photo challenge: language

: Day 8 Photo challenge: yonder

: Day 7 Photo challenge: panorama. This is the Grand Canyon North Rim. Taken October 2022.

: Day 6 Photo Challenge: well

: Day 5 Photo Challenge: forest

: Day 4 photo challenge: orange

: Day 3 Photo challenge- Precious. Nothing like precious moments with loved ones in the nature.

: Here is a bike a buildup several years ago with the help of the folks from The Bike Kitchen in San …

: The first day for the photo challenge. abstract

: I’ve put together a digital garden. Doesn’t look that great on mobile (will work on a fix soon) but …

: Currently reading: Outlive by Peter Attia, MD 📚

: Photo taken yesterday at sunset. South of Minas Gerais, Brazil

:… Catching up with my podcast listening from the week pf WWDC. Interesting …

: Taken in October 2021. Guarujá, State of São Paulo, Brazil

: Got a Pixel 4 for testing, running Android 11

: One of the nicest rooftop garden I’ve ever been to.

: Taken last year. South of Minas Gerais, Brazil

: I have written a post about the War Stories episode I have watched recently.

: Thank you @macgenie

: Last moments of a really nice weekend. Just reading some worrying news of covid cases rising …

: Ever since I started working from home I’ve done 20-30 min walkings around the neighbourhood (not as …

: I revived my old blog last night.

: 3 years ago in Turks and Caicos

: I’ve decided to revive my personal blog and give a try. 🎉

: I finally started watching The Mandalorian last night. It’s excelent. 🍿

: Photo from our visit to the Space Center in Houston in November 2019

: My favourite picture from our trip last year to Mt. Hood, OR. It’s my phone’s background photo.

: This little succulent is a nature’s miracle. Its growing outside my window in a vase some one …

: Really liked the idea behind and decided to check it out. The fact that suports indieweb …